Boucher’s full-time four year program includes approximately 4,800 hours of class and preceptor time and includes approximately 1,200 hours of clinical training, which culminates in the professional Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine designation.

At Boucher, we offer students the highest standard of education. We also strive to bolster a community that is founded on the principles of inclusion, integrity, safety, respect, academic freedom, self-responsibility, innovation and sustainability.


Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Clinical and Academic Mentorship

Mentorship is key to successful learning. Our cohort-model of learning ensures small class sizes and personal relationships with their peers and professors. Through mentorship, students gain insight into new skills and knowledge through example and support.

Comprehensive Learning

Boucher’s curriculum is designed to be an immersive, comprehensive experience of the naturopathic profession. Our modalities include botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, nutrition, physical medicine, psychology and counselling and traditional Asian medicine. In addition to learning all six modalities, we offer classroom and clinic practice hours in traditional Asian medicine so graduates are eligible to practice acupuncture upon completion of the program.